Post-Op Transition Knee Brace

Comfortland Medical

Designed for post-operative knee immobilization following meniscal and chondral defect procedures, the CK-205 features a telescoping technology and an independent strapping system to help provide a custom fit. Quick-release straps make the CK-205 easy to don/doff, while the easy to use ROM hinge limits undesired flexion/extension. The telescoping frame along with the independent strapping system make the CK-205 a universal brace, fitting patients of nearly every size.

Mfg Sugg HCPC: L1832/ L1833 

Indications:Post-operative knee immobilization

  • Tears of cartilage or meniscus of knee
  • Injuries of the collateral ligaments 

Comfortland Post-Op Transition Knee Brace Highlights

  • One Size fits most
  • Telescoping frame
  • Quick release buckles for easy application
  • Adjustable ROM hinge 


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