mTrigger Biofeedback System - Clinical Bundle


Engage in rehabilitation with the mTrigger® Biofeedback System. mTrigger uses surface electromyography (sEMG)-based instrumentation to measure the electrical activity produced by target muscle groups during physical rehabilitation. Set the max voluntary contraction goal for the target muscle(s) so that a voluntary effort is required during each rep of contraction or relaxation. Increase compliance and engagement via custom settings, training, play, and progress tracking on our easy-to-use mobile platform. Audiovisual feedback in the mTrigger mobile app provide real-time data to help patients achieve efficient neuromuscular re-education and put value in every rep. mTrigger makes therapeutic exercise effective, engaging, and fun.

The mTrigger Clinical Bundle offers a bundled savings value of $230 and is a fantastic option for clinics with multiple therapists or for those who wish to loan mTrigger units out to patients for home use.

The mTrigger Clinical Bundle includes:

  • 3 mTrigger Biofeedback units
  • 6 sensing cables
  • 50 pouches mTrigger Sensing Electrodes (4 electrodes per pouch)
  • 3 mobile device stands
  • 1 wearable wrap (size 21″, adjustable)