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Lumbar Decompression Belts

Decompression therapy can assist in relieving back pain and tension in as little as 30 minutes. A Lumbar Assist Decompression Belts provides clinical-grade traction that cannot be found in conventional back braces.

By using the power of air, the Lumbar Decompression Belt gently separates the misaligned lumbar vertebrae, allowing the muscles and ligature to stretch and relax, and allowing the spinal discs to recover their natural shape and position.
The discreet design and lightweight air chambers mean you can wear your Decompression Belt under your clothes and take it with you anywhere. Stop living with chronic back pain, and start living again with the aid of a Pneumatic Lumbar Decompression Belt.
  • Discovery 1000 Pneumatic Lumbar Decompression Belt Thin, lightweight, easy to use. The Discovery 1000 Lumbar Traction Belt offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating, treating, as well as help to prevent back & neck pain. Air injection nozzle...

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  • DISCovery 2000 Pneumatic Lumbar Decompression-Traction Brace An expandable Traction Belt, Detachable Anterior, Posterior Panels and Foot Air Pump. The Discovery 2000 system features an air pocket expansion system, and anterior and posterior rigid...

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