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Leg Press Machines

  • Apollo Leg Press Station

    Apollo Leg Press Station The Apollo leg press station features aa custom convex footplate that provides neutral ankle and knee alignment during exercise. Adjustable 6-position ergonomic seat carriage. 200 lbs steel weight stack, 2:1 ratio provides 400...

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  • Nautilus EVO Leg Press

    Nautilis EVO Leg Press YOU HAVE TO FEEL IT TO BELIEVE IT. Nautilus Evo equipment adapts itself to the way the body moves instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine. Our four-bar linkage system and cam have been designed to dynamically mirror the...

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  • Shuttle 2300-Clinical Plus System

    Shuttle 2300-Clinical Plus System

    $7,500.00 $6,600.00

    Shuttle 2300-Clinical Plus System The Shuttle 2000-1 Leg Press System, part of the Shuttle Systems line of offerings, has been used and trusted by physical therapists since 1985. This exercise therapy equipment has a design that provides smooth,...

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  • SportsArt Leg Extension / Leg Curl

    SportsArt Leg Extension / Leg Curl Features: Specially contoured cams for biomechanically correct movements DirectDrive eliminates slack. Spring-lock release knobs for easy changeover between extensions and curls Adjustable seat back and...

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  • Total Gym Jump Trainer

    Total Gym Jump Trainer Build explosive power and develop lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat and the squat jump. Uniquely designed to facilitate plyometric jumping exercises leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and...

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