InTENSity Combo 4 Waveforms TENS, EMS, IF, MICRO

Roscoe Medical

This device has 4 waveforms TENS, Muscle Stimulator, IF and Micro Current in a dual channel device to give you the flexibility to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues. This innovative device combines TENS, EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent, is 105 mA strong and comes with an AC Adapter. The InTENSity™ Combo: powerful, easy-to-use, elegant and portable.


  • One unit for a full range of electrotherapy applications
  • 4 modes of Interferential Stimulation
  • 4 modes of TENS Stimulation
  • 3 modes of Muscle Stimulation
  • 3 modes of Micro Current Stimulation
  • Comes with set of electrodes / ac adapter (plug-in) included 
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty

IF waveform additional information:

If you are looking to use your TENS unit in the IF waveform, please be aware that you will need to use a power adapter for this waveform. IF waveform uses a high output and can drain a standard 9 volt battery VERY quickly. ALL TENS units with IF waveform are recommended to use a DC adaptor when using the unit in the IF waveform. This means that if you’re wanting to use your TENS unit in IF waveform, then it will not be portable (work on batteries alone.)