Hausmann Electric Height & Width Parallel Bars


The new Electric Parallel Bars offer the best innovation for parallel bars. The patent-pending design allows the bars to lower off the end of the platform to assist a patient standing from a wheelchair. The extensive range of adjustability makes the bars useful for both adult and pediatric patients for a variety of activities including walking, gait training, sidestepping, and sit-to-stand activities. The battery power eliminates the need for floor outlets or placement near a wall and also eliminates trip hazards seen with corded products.


  • Individual digital controls for both height and width
  • Battery powered
  • Includes extra battery and charging cradle
  • 600 lb. weight capacity, 300 lb. each side


  • MODEL #: 1357
  • LENGTH: 10'
  • WIDTH: 17" - 31"*
  • HEIGHT: 24" - 40"
  • Platform width is 48"
  • Width between uprights at base is 29.5"