Game Ready AC Adapter and Power Cord

Game Ready

AC Adapter and Power Cord OEM for your Game Ready GRP 2.1 control Unit

This is an Original Game Ready accessory for your Game Ready GRP 2.1 Control Unit.


  • AC power: 100-240 V~, 50-60 Hz, 1.0A
  • DC input: 12V/2.5 A 


Connect the AC Adapter to the Control Unit and the grounded electrical outlet. The power indicator light (orange color) on the Control Unit should illuminate. If it does not illuminate, check to make sure that the AC Adapter is firmly connected in all locations and that the outlet is receiving power. If necessary, try an alternate outlet or power supply. If the light is still not illuminated and the Control Unit will not turn on, please contact Game Ready Customer Service; from the U.S. call Toll-free at 1.888.426.3732.