ExoForm Dorsal Night Splint


Ossur's Exoform Dorsal Night Splint is a functional and comfortable solution that addresses the common problems associated with other bracing options.

Product Highlights

  • An integrated support shell with adjustable aluminum stay maintains the therapeutic angle of the foot and lower leg at 85° to 90°
  • Thermoformed Form Fit® padding inside the soft good improves patient comfort.
  • Full calf and heel strapping holds the foot at the desired angle and eliminates rotation and migration of the product.
  • Flex Edge® over-molding eliminates pressure points and discomfort while protecting sleeping partners.
  • A semi-rigid plantar pad reduces discomfort along the sides of the foot while providing an improved dorsiflexion angle.
  • Non-slip surface on the plantar pad to help prevent slipping.
  • Aesthetically superior, low-profile design.

Indications for Use

  • Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Drop foot.
  • Post-static pain.
Ossur Exoform Dorsal Night Splint
Part#SizeMen's ShoeWomen's ShoeU/M
W-50085 Medium 5 - 9 6 - 10 1 ea
W-50087 Large 9.5 - 14 10.5 - 15 1 ea



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