Everyway CA130 (CHIROMA) Chiropractic Table 8-Section


As complex as it looks, the CHIROMA chiropractic drop table provides professional chiropractor with the simplicity of use. Since the main emphasis of chiropractic is on manual and manipulative therapy for the treatment of joint dysfunctions, especially those of the spinal column, CHIROMA serves as a “Force Extension” as well as “Force Absorbent” platform for chiropractors to perform various tentative tasks without the risks of collateral damage to the patient.

Main Features:

   • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj.

   • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj. (Head Section)

   • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Tilting Adj. (Head Section)

   • Equipped with 1 Joystick for Hi/Lo & Tilting Adj.

   • Adjustable Tension Drop - Cervical, Dorsal (Thoracic), Lumbar, Pelvic

   • Twin “Oversized” Pillars for Added Stability

   • 2 * Individual Leveling Foot at Head Section

   • 2 * Hauling Wheels at the Rear Section

   • Designed to be lifted and moved around by lifting JUST the Arm Rest

   • Maximum Load Capacity of 225 kgs / 496 lbs

   • Warranty Period (Years):

          • 1 yr on Mechanical Parts

          • 2 yrs on Electronics

          • 3 yrs on Frame

   • 100~240VAC (Universal Voltage)

   • Plug Type: US Plug


This is an 8 Section Chiropractic Table (Electric) with 4 Sections of Adjustable Tension-Drop at the (1) Head (2) Thorax (3) Abdomen Sections.