Elasto-Gel Hot & Cold Shoulder Sleeve

$77.95 - $84.95

Perfect for the hard to fit areas of the shoulder, upper and lower arm, upper chest and back areas. It's designed to universally fit either right or left shoulder. Since the Elasto-Gel Shoulder Sleeve will remain flexible even at -20 F, range of motion is not limited. Putting on the sleeve is a simple and easy one-person job. If used as a cold therapy sleeve, there will be a reduction in swelling and inflammation. Elasto-Gel Shoulder Therapy Sleeve can be used as cryo therapy for acute pain like a sprain, strain or immediately after an injury. Use after an intense workout will also give benefits of reducing pain and muscle spasms. The sleeve will stay cold for 20-40 minutes, giving ample time for cold therapy. To reduce soreness, recurring pain or injuries, use the sleeve as a hot therapy product. The warmth melts away soreness, relaxes muscles and helps with stiffness by increasing circulation and blood-flow.


  • Designed for either shoulder
  • Great for upper and lower arm
  • Can be used for upper chest
  • Can treat back areas
  • Easy one person job to put on


  • Bruises
  • Damaged Ligament or Tendon
  • Pull Muscles
  • Bursitis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Herniated Disc
  • Osteoarthritis


Small/Mediumbest for bicep circumference of 11” and under

Large/X-Large - best for bicep circumference of 12” and above.


Note: This item is non-returnable. Due to our compliance with Health and Safety regulations we cannot accept returns on this product.