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Clavicle Supports

Source Orrtho offers several different Clavicle Supports that are ideal for clavicle fractures and postural problems. Many contain contains fully padded foam straps for maximum patient comfort and use hook and loop closures that allow for easy adjustment while movable D-rings lead to optimal patient fit .

  • Front Closure Clavicle Support

    Ossur's Front Closure Clavicle Support Features a Unique supportive clavicle splint design. The front closure design offers convenience for the patient in securing the brace correctly. As a final feature designed for patient comfort over long hours...

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  • Universal Clavicle Support

    ProCare Universal Clavicle Support The ProCare Universal Clavical brace offers Foam/nylon construction with contact closure for easy adjustment. Movable D-rings allow for proper adjustment. Indication Ideal for clavicule fractures and posture problems...

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