Band Bar Elite Solid Stainless Fitness Bar


This bar is ideal for resistance band exercises like chest press, overhead press, deadlifts and many more. Solid Steel Bar with high polish chrome finish. Textured handles with knurled grip. Needle bearings for 360 degree rotation. 

Bring new life to your resistance training with the NEW Resistance Band Bar. Available now for preorder only, this handy workout accessory allows you to enhance your strength building workouts without the need for bulky weights and dumbbells. Easily add resistance to exercises like chest presses, squats, and calf raises with the BodyPro Resistance Band Bar. 

Constructed with textured handles for an easy no-slip-grip, this fitness bar helps you increase physical strength and range of motion with a reduced risk of injury.


  • A New Level of Resistance. Conveniently fits the BodyPro Pull Up Bands for varying levels of resistance training exercises.

  • Safety Grip. No Slip Grip allows for safe use of the product to reduce injury.

  • No Gym Required. Take it with you when you travel or to your outside workouts.

  • Strengthen Your Whole Body. Get a full body workout by adding the BodyPro Resistance Bar to exercises ranging from squats, to chest presses, bicep curls, and more.

  • Heavy Duty. Can handle up to 600 lb of resistance.


  • Weight 12 lbs.
  • Length 36 in.
  • Diameter 1.1 in.