Aspen Lumbar Back Brace

Aspen Medical Products

The Aspen Lumbar back brace features a simple, elegant design with the essential elements required in a spinal brace that help to effectively relieve pain. Utilizing Aspens foundational inelastic design, elastic qualities have been incorporated for a tailored yet comfortable fit. This innovative combination, coupled with Aspens patented compression system, provides effective low back pain relief for the active patient.


  • Independent compression – patented 4: tightening system allows independent adjustment to the top and bottom of the brace to provide localized compression where needed.
  • Simple, elegant design is comfortable during extended wear and can be worn easily under clothing.
  • 2 stage pain relief. Comfort of an elastic brace is provided when the brace is first worn. When the pull tabs are extended they activate Aspen’s patented compression system for a second stage of highly effective pain relief.

Size Chart:


21” – 27” (53-69 cm)


26” – 31” (66-79 cm)


31” – 36” (79-91 cm)


36” – 42” (91-107 cm)


41” – 48” (104-122 cm)


43” – 52” (109-132 cm)