AirForm Inflatable Ankle Splint

AirForm Inflatable Ankle Splint

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The Airform Ankle Inflatable Ankle Splint offers three unique alternatives for the pneumatic treatment of acute ankle injuries. All three Airform products utilize our “Flex-Edge” technology to eliminate the pressure points caused by traditional stirrups and create a more comfortable experience for patients. Currently we stock the AirForm Universal listed below however other versions are available. Call for more details


Indications for Use

  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Post-cast and post-walker support
  • Chronic instability

Airform Universal Inflatable

  • Universal design fits both left and right ankles, reducing inventory
  • Soft Flex-Edges provide a universal fit without sacrificing comfort or stability
  • Inflatable air bladders provide adjustable pneumatic compression
  • Adjustable heel strap allows for easy width adjustment