Cold Pack Compression Wrap for Knee

Pain Management Technologies

One Size Fits Most

  • GET FAST RELIEF FROM HAND AND WRIST PAIN: Over the counter pain relievers can take time to work, but you need pain relief right away! Cryo-compression therapy combines two beneficial elements for easing your pain and soreness—cold temperatures and compression—that work quickly to target pain at the source and give you relief in a matter of minutes.
  • QUICKEN RECOVERY AFTER INJURY OR SURGERY:Your wrists and hands are such an important part of daily life and you have too much to do to be slowed down by pain, inflammation, and swelling. A cold therapy compression wrap for your hand and wrist reduces that pain-causing inflammation and swelling, helping you to have a quicker recovery.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS: Whether your injury is temporary or you have a more chronic issue, cold compression therapy can help.You may be dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, healing after hand or wrist surgery, managing osteoarthritis pain, or need healing relief for sports injuries and fatigue. This cryo-cuff for your hand or wrist can help relieve what’s ailing you.
  • NO OTHER SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT NEEDED:Specialized equipment can be costly and even unnecessary to your treatment plan. Trying to get regular ice packs to stay in just the right place on your hand and wrist can be a balancing act, not to mention uncomfortably cold to sensitive areas.But a hand compression wrap will stay in place give you relief right where you need it. The manual pump allows you to quickly and easily increase compression to a level that’s comfortable for you.
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE ICE COMPRESSION THERAPY WRAP: You would love to have more freedom of movement without the pain, but that might require treatment multiple times during the day. Not to worry, this well-designed compression wrap can handle it. Made with high-quality materials, you’ll get a long life out of back compression wrap and be able to keep it for future use