Wrist Extension Splint 8 inch

Comfortland Medical

Constructed from breathable material that allows a four-way stretch for patient comfort, the Premium Wrist Extension Splint 8" has a low profile and lightweight design that includes D-ring closures for easy application and removal. The 8" Premium Wrist Extension has malleable palmar stays that do not extend past the distal palmar crease allowing for a full range of motion while being worn. 

Indications for Use:

• Tendonitis 

• Carpal tunnel syndrome 

• Soft tissue injuries

• Overuse injuries 

• Mild sprains and strains of the wrist 

Product Highlights:

• Light-weight, durable material enhances patient comfort.

• Three hook hoop straps with D-ring closure for easy application and proper support and compression.

• Removable/malleable palmar stay.

• Extremely breathable Lycra-lined interior.

• Precisely sculpted narrow web space prevents pinching.

Manufacturer's Recommended HCPCS: L3908


   8” Version Left #  8” Version Right #  Size  Wrist Circumference
    CK-702-1-L  CK-702-1-R  X-Small  4.5"-5.5"
    CK-702-2-L  CK-702-2-R  Small  5.5"-6.5"
    CK-702-3-L  CK-702-3-R  Medium  6.5"-7.5"
    CK-702-4-L  CK-702-4-R  Large  7.5"-8.5"
    CK-702-5-L  CK-702-5-R  X-Large  8.5"-10"



    6” Version Left #  6” Version Right #  Size  Wrist Circumference
    31-102-1-L  31-102-1-R  X-Small  4.5"-5.5"
    31-102-2-L  31-102-2-R  Small  5.5"-6.5"
    31-102-3-L  31-102-3-R  Medium  6.5"-7.5"
    31-102-4-L  31-102-4-R  Large  7.5"-8.5"
    31-102-5-L  31-102-5-R  X-Large  8.5"-10"