TRX Hex Rubber Dumbbell

$27.95 - $124.95

Sold Individually Rubber encased hex dumbbells are the perfect fit for any gym or consumer that wants a long lasting and practical product to aid their physical fitness journey.With an array of sizes to choose from you can't go wrong, be strong with TRX Hex Rubber Encased Dumbbells. This hex dumbbell ensures a long-lasting usability and a more comfortable grip for a no excuses workout! beautifully crafted handle with high quality materials. Since all dumbbell components are firmly connected to each other, this compact hex dumbbells are suitable for the highest professional demands.

  • Brought to you from the same design team behind TRX XD, TRX Hex Rubber Dumbbells take the standard hex dumbbell to a new level of durability and quality.
  • Designed to fit seamlessly on your TRX Studio Line Bay Unit shelves, this product is ideal for adding strength elements to your functional training areas and/or group fitness classes.
  • The knurled chrome handle grip and rubber encased heads eliminate damage to your floors and increase comfort of use.
  • Rubber encased hex head design
  • Knurled chrome handle grip
  • Weights include: 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25 lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50 lbs


  • Reduces noise and protects floors
  • Controlled all-steel chrome handles
  • Anti-rolling 8-sided heads
  • Minimal Rubber odor
  • Sold Individually, if you want a pair - add Two to the Cart


  • Heavy item - minimum shipping charges apply