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Tennis braces and supports are an essential for preventing or recovering from injuries to the ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow and more.  We feature tennis braces & supports from brands such as AirCast, Ossur, ProCast and Comfortlife.

  • TheraBand FlexBar

    TheraBand FlexBar

    $30.00 $16.95

    TheraBand FlexBar The TheraBand FlexBar is clinical-research-proven to be effective in treating Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow. The landmark study, covered by the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, and many other national and...

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  • AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace

    AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace

    $69.95 $47.95

    AirCast Airlift PTTD Brace Anatomical Design Helps Realign & Support the Ankle - For the treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), or for early signs and symptoms of the adult acquired flat foot. Depending on the severity of the...

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  • AirCast A60 Stabilizing Ankle Support

    AirCast A60 Stabilizing Ankle Support Provides prophylactic support, protection and comfort with simplified application. Great for Athletes looking to reduce the risk of Ankle sprain and Roll Over. The AirCast design incorporates a stabilizer molded at...

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  • Premium Air-Gel Ankle Brace

    Premium Air-Gel Ankle Brace Our Premium Air-Gel Ankle Brace from Comfortland Medical features an adjustable, padded air cushion that offers superior support, comfort and compression compared to traditional padding. The gel pads can be placed in the...

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  •  Cryo Cuff Shoulder Wrap

    AirCast Shoulder Cryo Cuff Anatomically designed to cover the shoulder area completely. Minimizes hemarthrosis, swelling, and pain. Can be ordered with an XL strap to accommodate larger torso/chest circumferences. Features and Benefits Anatomic cuff...

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  • AirCast Pneumatic ArmBand

    AirCast Pneumatic ArmBand #1 Choice for Relief of Tennis Elbow Pain - Put a firm grip back on your tennis racket with less pain. The AirCast Pneumatic Arm Band, Ideal for Relief of Tennis Elbow features a single, pre-inflated aircell, concentrates...

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  • Stabilized Ankle Support

    Stabilized Ankle Support

    $39.95 $25.99

    ProCare Stabilized Ankle Support Brace Low profile design constructed with non-stretch nylon for comfort, performance and durability. The Lace-up design and Figure 8 strapping locks the calcaneus (heel) into place & controls inversion/eversion...

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  • Universal Thumb Splint

    Universal Thumb Splint

    $25.95 $16.95

    ProCare Universal Thumb Splint Features a wrap-around design for support with functional features to address a variety of pathologies including Gamekeeper's/Skier's Thumb, Basal Joint Arthritis and Thumb Tendonitis. Dorsal, radial and palmar stay...

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  • S'port All Back Support w/Shorts

    Saunders S'port All Back Support w/Shorts The S’port All Back Support w/ Shorts supports the lower back and sacroiliac joints during vigorous activity. This is made possible by an innovative design that anchors the back support to an integrated...

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  • Form Fit Ankle Brace w/ Speedlace

    NEW- Ossur Form Fit® Ankle Brace with Speedlace Provides stability and protection for the ankle – whether used prophylactically, for chronic instability or following an injury. Made from durable materials, its low profile, quick-lace design is...

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  • Cando Twist-n-Bend Flexbar

    Cando Twist N Bend FlexBar Treat Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, and Tendonitis and Improve Hand Strength | Research-Proven Elbow Pain Relief The CanDo® flexible hand bar exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen...

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  • Tour Quick-Lace Ankle Brace

    Our Tour Quick-Lace Sport Ankle Brace is designed for the patient with an active lifestyle who doesn't want to be left on the side lines due to Ankle Instability Product Highlights: Low-profile design, easy to wear and allows use in any type of...

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  • Quick-Fit Wrist II Brace

    Quick-Fit Wrist II Brace

    $24.95 $19.99

    Quick-Fit Wrist II Brace The ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II is a universal, functional wrist orthosis for the treatment of wrist and hand injuries and trauma. A simple, single pull lace design for ease of application and a soft nylon/ foam laminate offers...

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  • AirCast Infrapatellar Knee Band

    AirCast Infrapatellar Knee Band Unique Aircell focuses compression on the patellar tendon helping to relieve symptoms of Osgood Schlatter and patella tendonitis * Focusing the pressure helps decrease stress at the tibial tubercle * Foam padding for...

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  • RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5'

    RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5' ROCKTAPE is a high quality kinesiology tape that features a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than other kinesiology tapes. The aim of the tighter weave of the tape is that it is meant to...

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  • Serola Biomechanics Gel Arc Elbow Brace

    The Serola Biomechanics Gel Arc Elbow Brace takes the stress off the epicondyle helps prevent further injury and pain, and allows for more efficient healing.Pain occurs when the forearm muscles become tight and pull on their attachment to the...

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