Speed Rope


Looking for a powerful and effective cardio workout, the Speed Jump Rope is for you. Professionally engineered, the BodyPro Speed Jump Rope features new high-tech, ball bearing handles for smooth rotation, and two sliding rope adjusters make any rope length adjustment quick and easy. Speed Ropes are used and recommended by recognized fitness experts and were originally developed by jump rope expert Bobby Hinds, the "Jump Rope King". Take your fitness to new heights with the comprehensive jump rope book. Power your chest, shoulder, back and arm muscles with each swing of the weighted rope! Strengthen thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with every jump! Get tight abdominal muscles with consistent jump rope use.


  • Increase strength and power while improving cardio efficiency
  • High tech ball bearing handles for easy rotation 


  • Weight all in the rope-not in the handles-for smooth jumping
  • Personalize length quickly and easily for optimal results
  • Smooth handle rotation creates ergonomically correct grip
  • Weight in rope itself increases load to build strength and power
  • Continual motion develops aerobic stamina

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