​COVID Update: Does The Vaccine Prevent Against Delta?

Posted by Source Ortho on 16th Aug 2021

​COVID Update: Does The Vaccine Prevent Against Delta?

Are The Vaccines Effective Against The Delta Variant?

New data was released this week shining a little more light on the potential effectiveness of the vaccines against the Delta variant of the coronavirus and it may not be good news. As cases continue to rise across the country, there are many concerned about what this new information may mean moving forward. Will the country be facing more mask mandates or possibly another shut down?

A new study conducted byNference and the Mayo Clinichas found that the Pfizer vaccine may only be 42% effective at preventing breakthrough infection from the Delta variant of the disease. Although the study reviewed cases over the months of January to July, it showed that the vaccine’s effectiveness severely decreased during the month of July when the Delta variant became the prominent variant of COVID-19 in the US.

The Overall Findings:

Overall, the study found the Pfizer vaccine was 76% effective at preventing infection and 85% effective at preventing hospitalization. Alternatively, the Moderna vaccine was reported to be 86% effective at preventing infection and 92% effective at preventing hospitalization.

While the study found that the Pfizer vaccine may only be 42% effective at preventing infection from the Delta variant of the disease, Moderna showed more promising results at 76% effective at preventing infection.

It was not completely clear whether the findings of the study were a direct result of the Delta variant or possibly that the vaccines’ efficacy may reduce over time. While this study is still in pre-print and has not yet been peer reviewed, it does shed light on how prevalent the virus still is around the US and how important continuing to wear your mask even while vaccinated may be.

Vaccination Rates Across the United States

As vaccination rates continue to increase across the country as a whole, there are still many pockets of the US with low percentages of vaccinated individuals. Not surprisingly, these same areas are seeing tremendous spikes in positive COVID cases. States including Mississippi, Wyoming, and Idaho are seeing vaccination rates well below 50% and resulting increases in infections and hospitalizations.

As it stands, the country as a whole 51% is fully vaccinated. While this is trending up, it is not where we need to be considering how transmittable and dangerous the delta coronavirus variant has shown to be. In fact, individuals that have been infected with the delta variant have more than 1,000 times as many viral particles in their respiratory system than someone infected with the original strain may have.

Is Herd immunity Possible With the COVID-19?

One term you may have heard passed around since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak is ‘herd immunity’. This term is used to convey the idea that an overall high level of immunity can be achieved by a specific population by way of both natural infection or vaccination.

Once an individual is infected by a virus or vaccinated against it, the body is typically protected against any future infection by developing immunity. When enough of a population has developed this immunity, infection rates as a whole should decrease and the disease may be more easily controlled.

Unfortunately in the case of COVID-19, herd immunity may not be feasible. The reason we know this is that even vaccinated individuals are still getting infected. Because the virus continues to mutate and the vaccines have varying levels of efficacy for each variant, there may not come a time when all individuals of the population are truly resistant to the disease.

The Importance of Wearing Your Mask

With the increase in cases resulting from the swift spread of the delta variant, many cities are once again issuing mask mandates or strongly encouraging the community to wear masks indoors and during activities where social distancing cannot be achieved.

As we continue to move through the coronavirus outbreak, one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you is to wear your mask.

Which Face Masks Protect Against the Delta Variant?

Here are our top face mask choices to keep yourself and your loved ones protected against the delta variant:

KN95 Face Masks

The KN95 Face Masks feature 5 layers of protection and are comparable to the US standard N95 face masks. They are European FFP2 certified, and protect against 95% of large and small airborne particles including aerosols and large fluid droplets which includes viruses like COVID-19. Designed with a comfortable ear loop and a moldable nose bridge they offer a tighter, more secure fit for optimal protection for both yourself and others in close contact.

These face masks are very comfortable and breathable, making them ideal to be worn for everyday errands.

N95 Face Masks

An N95 Face Mask is a type of disposable mask that is typically used in medical environments. It is designed to sit closely to the face to prevent air leakage in and around the sides of the mask. N95 face masks have a high filtration rate making them the top choice for most medical professionals.

The types of face masks are constructed of 4 different layers of protection and feature a metal flexible nose bridge for a better fit along with straps that sit behind the head.

When it comes to protecting yourself from a COVID-19 infection, one of the most important things you can do is continue to wear your face mask. This is true whether you have chosen to get the vaccine or not. Because the delta variant seems to be more resistant to the vaccine or natural immunity, a face mask will help protect you from infection as well as protect those you may come into contact with.

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