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In a perfect world, a runner's every step and every mile would be 100 percent pain-free. No aches, no twinges, no lingering soreness from yesterday's workout. The reality is that many runners constantly deal with a slight (or not so slight) disturbance—a tender foot, a tight hamstring, a whiny knee.

Common Running Injuries: Runner's Knee or PFPS, Achilles Tendinitis, Hamstring Issues, Plantar Fasciitis, Shinsplints, Stress Fracture, Ankle Instability

  • Stabilized Ankle Support

    Stabilized Ankle Support

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    ProCare Stabilized Ankle Support Brace Low profile design constructed with non-stretch nylon for comfort, performance and durability. The Lace-up design and Figure 8 strapping locks the calcaneus (heel) into place & controls inversion/eversion...

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  • Tour Quick-Lace Ankle Brace

    Our Tour Quick-Lace Sport Ankle Brace is designed for the patient with an active lifestyle who doesn't want to be left on the side lines due to Ankle Instability Product Highlights: Low-profile design, easy to wear and allows use in any type of...

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  • AirCast Infrapatellar Knee Band

    AirCast Infrapatellar Knee Band Unique Aircell focuses compression on the patellar tendon helping to relieve symptoms of Osgood Schlatter and patella tendonitis * Focusing the pressure helps decrease stress at the tibial tubercle * Foam padding for...

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  • RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5'

    RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5' ROCKTAPE is a high quality kinesiology tape that features a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than other kinesiology tapes. The aim of the tighter weave of the tape is that it is meant to...

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  • AirCast Self Contained Knee Cryo/Cuff

    AirCast Self Contained Knee Cryo/Cuff Totally self-contained knee cuff that can be filled with ice and water - no cooler required. The self-contained Knee Cryo/Cuff remains cold for over one hour. A hand bulb is included to add compression as...

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  • TriZone Knee Brace

    DonJoy TriZone Knee Brace Composite Performance / Bracing Active Zoned Protection  DonJoy, the brand that protects some of the world’s greatest athletes, has created a high-performance product that ensures people of all ages can continue to...

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  • Active Wrap Foot / Ankle Heat & Ice Wrap

    Active Wrap Foot / Ankle Heat & Ice Wrap The Original & Still The Best Foot Ice Wrap 15 Years and Counting! Patented Design for Targeted Relief The ActiveWrap Foot Ice Wrap | Foot Heat Wrap is a professional quality compress wrap complete...

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  • Ossur FX Patella Stabilizer

    Ossur FX Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace Ideal for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome (Runner's Knee), Patellar Subluxation/Dislocation, Chondromalacia, Patellar Tendinopathy (Tendonitis or Jumper's Knee), Arthritis and...

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  • Superfeet Pink Full Length Insoles

    Superfeet Hot Pink Insoles HOW IT WORKS: Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of your footwear to your foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the deep, structured heel cup and full-length foam provide support...

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  • Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer

    Handheld Body Fat Analyzer Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer produces a body fat percentage reading without having to pinch skinfolds. It features dual grip tester which measures body fat and water percentage. It has a range of 4 percent to 45 percent...

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  • Superfeet Redhot Men's Insoles

    Superfeet Redhot Men's Insoles COLD WEATHER WARMTH & PERFORMANCE Dial up the comfort, warmth and control this season with dual thermal layers and a biomechanical shape that can help stabilize a man’s foot for better edge control on runs...

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