RockTape RX Gentle 2" x 105' Bulk Roll

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RockTape RockTapeRx Bulk Roll Kinesiology Tape for Sensitive Skin

The new, gentle kinesiology tape from the makers of RockTape:

RockTapeRx is the world’s best kinesiology tape specially designed to be gentler on skin. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain. RockTapeRx is not a replacement for existing RockTape kinesiology tapes. It’s simply a gentler addition to our current offerings, ideal for less active patients, those with sensitive skin, or special patient populations, like the elderly.

Due to the way the items are packaged, we are not able to accept any returns or exchanges once the original packaging is altered (i.e. seals broken, torn perforation, etc.).


  • Gentle Kinesiology Tape alternative for those with sensitive skin.
  • Designed for special member populations, including the elderly and pregnant women.
  • Delivers the same high-performance restoration and recovery as original RockTape.
  • Bulk Roll 2" x 105'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is RockTapeRx different?

RockTapeRx is designed to be gentle on skin with 7% less adhesive – making it ideal for non-sporting taping applications.

  • Does RockTapeRx replace regular RockTape?

RockTapeRx is not designed to replace regular RockTape. If you’re looking for major sticking power, standard or H20 RockTape is your best bet.

  • Who is RockTapeRx suited for?

RockTapeRx’s gentle adhesive is great for special patient populations, like the less-active, children, the elderly, those with neurological disorders and those who are pregnant.