Rebound Knee Wrap

Rebound Knee Brace


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With six variations to choose from, Ossur's Rebound Knee Brace product line is a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality braces designed to serve the needs of a broad range of patients.


  • Non-ROM Hinge Models: Mild medial/lateral knee instabilities


  • Breathe freely - Featuring our unique, 3-layer Cooltech™ fabric, the Rebound Knee Brace is highly breathable, reduces heat retention and dries ultra-fast.
  • Popliteal comfort -The Rebound Knee Brace stretches in extension and relaxes back to its natural shape in flexion, minimizing the popliteal bunching that causes skin irritation in other products.
  • Patella support included - A removable, universal patella buttress is included with every sleeve version of the Rebound Knee Brace for easy, customizeable patellar support, whenever necessary.
  • Control where it counts - Dual lower cruciate straps enable fine-tuned control of the anterior-posterior hinge placement and cinch the Rebound Knee Brace above the gastroc to reduce migration.
  • Strap it your way - The reversible strapping of the Rebound Knee Brace can be set up to pull laterally-to-medially, medially-to-laterally, or a combination of both, depending on your specific objectives.


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