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PMT Medical

PMT Medical is an innovator and manufacturer of advanced pain management devices to assist in treatment of a variety of conditions


  • Ultima 20 Digital TENS Unit

    PMT Ultima 20 Digital TENS A dual channel digital TENS device with twenty modes of operation (8 Manual and 12 PRESET). It is simple to operate, and has a protective cover over the controls. Its pulse width and pulse frequency are adjustable. The Ultima...

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  • Ultima 5 Digital Dual Channel TENS Unit

    Ultima 5 Digital TENS Dual Channel The Ultima 5 Digital is an advanced, pocket sized, fully portable, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) system designed to relieve both accute and persistent pain without shots, drugs or narcotics. It...

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  • Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Stimulator - Unit Only

    Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator This is the Unit Only. A breakthrough in the treatment of hand and foot neuropathy pain and discomfort. The Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy stimulator utilizes enhanced TENS specifications that are designed...

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  • Aqua Relief Hot & Cold Therapy System

    Aqua Relief Hot & Cold Therapy System Delivers Hot or Cold water therapy to the feet, hands and other body parts to treat a range of conditions. The ARS delivers fluid thermal therapy 360 degrees around the joint to provide maximum benefit and...

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  • Theratrac Cervical Traction Device

    Theratrac Pneumatic Cervical Traction System Gently stretches neck muscles allowing the vertebral discs to realign, freeing the nerve root tissue from the pressure of the discs. The theratrac helps "locked" neck muscles to slowly stretch and relax,...

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  • Electrotherapy Sock

    Electrotherapy Sock

    $39.95 $34.95

    Electrotherapy Sock for Neuro TENS provides stimulation to the entire foot and ankle to increase blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling and associated pain. Sufferers and other podiatric ailments now have an easy, at-home...

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  • QFiber - Infrared Heat Body Wrap

    Q Fiber - High Performance Infrared Heat Therapy The Qfiber versatile body wrap is equipped with a large piece of Qfiber fabric that effectively disperses therapeutic heat all around the treatment area.The versatile wrap can be used to treat: knees,...

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  • Ultima Neo Advanced (TENS, EMS, IFC, Micro)

    Ultima Neo Multi-Mode Stimulator (TENS, EMS, IFC, Micro) Advanced multi-mode electrotherapy stimulator that combines enhanced TENS, EMS, Interferential, and Microcurrent. It is dual channel device and includes the function of our most advanced TENS...

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  • PMT TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray

    PMT TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray Highly Conductive TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray increases conductivity and prolongs electrode life. Uniformly and consistently increases electrode to skin conductivity. Eliminates hot spots and...

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  • Ultima 3T Tens Unit

    Ultima 3T Tens Unit

    $39.95 $25.00

    Ultima 3T TENS Dual Channel device with three modes of operation (Burst, Normal, Modulation). Its pulse width and pulse frequency are adjustable. It is also equipped with a 30, 60, 90 minute timer, and has a protective cover over the controls.


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  • Ultima Neuro | Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator System

    Ultima Neuro | Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator System Non-invasive and non-narcotic treatment on afflicted hands and feet to reduce the pain, discomfort and symptoms associated with this painful condition. The Ultima Neuro has been built with comfort and...

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  • Ultima Tens Lead Wire Set

    Ultima TENS Lead Wire Set   Designed for use with PMT TENS devices Ultima 3, Ultima 5, Ultima 20 and Ultima Neo. Lead Wires can last anywhere from 1-6 months depending on your device settings. Periodic replacement of these wires is an important...

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  • Electrotherapy Treatment Glove

    Electrotherapy Treatment Glove The Neuro Glove for the Ultima Neuro system provides stimulation to the hand to increase blood flow and improve circulation, thereby reducing swelling and discomfort. Patients that suffer hand pain now...

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  • Rapid Knee Hinged Brace

    Rapid Knee Hinged Brace

    $99.95 $69.00

    PMT Rapid Knee Hinged Brace The PMT Rapid Knee utilizes an adjustable ROM hinge and an open wrap configuration to provide convenience and comfort to the user. The sleeve fits snugly and provides even compression and support. The Rapid Knee has double...

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  • Body Drummer Hot/Cold vibrating massager

    BODY DRUMMER Hot and Cold Vibrating Massager Vibrating massager that provides warm or cool treatment for relief of muscle pain, tired muscles and for relaxing. It is great for back, neck, shoulder, arms and legs area? Featuring 2 speeds of vibration...

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  • IF-4000 Muscle Stimulator

    IF-4000 Muscle Stimulator

    $129.95 $85.00

    The PMT Model 4000 IF (Interferential) muscle stimulator device is used to treat symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and/or as adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain. The IF-4000 is a low...

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