Nerve Spa with Foot Bath

Pain Management Technologies

Provides a drug-free, non-invasive spa-like treatment to reduce pain, tingling, and numbness in the feet due to the debilitating effects of neuropathy. Delivering transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) that rejuvenates nerve endings, increases blood flow, and blocks pain signals to the brain, the aquatic system surrounds the feet with a soothing and uniform level of current. The intensity level is controlled with a tap of a button via the water-proof touch screen. 

The Nerve Spa Classic is an Advanced Neuropathy stimulator that utilizes a proprietary hybrid of electrotherapy including enhanced micro-current, galvanic and TENS specifications.  Coupled with a monophasic waveform to target pain associated with early onset peripheral neuropathy in the hands and feet.

The Symmetrical Biphasic wave helps quell pain, and the Monophasic waveform has been known to push fluids and enhance pain relief in ones extremities on a more therapeutic level.  The Nerve Spa increases blood circulation, relaxes inflamed nerves, and works on a cellular level to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

The system is designed to deliver an aquatic electrotherapy stimulation that surrounds the feet with a soothing and uniform level of current that not only relieves pain but also treats the underlying condition by repairing the dying nerve endings.

Using the Nerve Spa over the course of 60 days or longer, achieves an aggregate therapeutic effect that works to reverse and relieve peripheral neuropathy. Once-daily sessions of 30 minutes are recommended for best results.

The effervescent tablets included assist in re-moisturizing the diabetic foot and enriching the warm foot bath with vital nutrients for the diabetic foot.  Such as collagen, vitamin C, aloe, and other ingredients to help moisturize the feet.  As well there is a high-proportion of menthol in the tablet that helps provide an additional analgesic effect.


      • Touch screen device with two modes of operation (A and B)
      • Built-in Microprocessor
      • 7.83Hz, 80Hz, Symmetrical Biphasic Square, and Monophasic waveform.
      • Water resistant device
      • Reinforced lead wires
      • Extra-large foot bath fits up to size 14 men’s
      • FDA Cleared

System Includes: Device, conductive pads, lead wires, foot bath, user’s manual, conductive salt and one tube of effervescent nutrient-rich tablets.