Natural Fitness Warrior Yoga Mat


Natural Fitness Warrior Yoga Mat


To flow through a Warrior sequence it helps to be versatile - use your strength for Warrior I, your stamina for Warrior II, and your balance for Warrior III. Such variable poses deserve a multipurpose mat, which is why the Warrior Mat was created. Highly durable, it is built to withstand the daily sessions of the most intense and lengthy yoga practices. Manufactured without the harmful phthalates or toxic chemicals found in those PVC foam mats, it allows you to center yourself physically without disrupting your moral compass. Just like the poses that share its name, the Warrior Mat is designed to last and be suitable for all levels to help you continue your battle to be your best.

Warrior Yoga Mat Features

  • Durable mat withstands intense sessions.
  • Versatile use with non-skid tractioned surface for safety.
  • Made of Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) and natural rubber.
  • No phthalates or other toxic chemicals.
  • Dimension: 24"x 69" x .5 mm thick.
  • Colors: Amethyst and Granite.
  • Contains latex