Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus, 2-channel with 1&3 MHz ultrasound

Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus, 2-channel with 1&3 MHz ultrasound



Mettler's Sonicator Plus 930 was designed for medical clinics as user-friendly, affordable combination device. The Sonicator 930 fits the price and feature needs of smaller medical practices. This combination therapy machine can be used for pain management, muscle spasm reduction and muscle strengthening.
The 930 utilizes two independent controls for use in inferential current therapy (IFC). Having two independent controls for IFC allows the clinician to cater to each individual needs and to adjust for pain thresholds of various patients. This feature provides for incredible flexibility.
The built in protocols on Mettler's Sonicator Plus 930 were developed from proven scientific research. All Mettler stimulation devices offer the highest quality and extremely effective safety features. Internal error codes are designed to recognize when there is a problem and alerts the clinician. If a problem occurs, the Sonicator Plus 930 will stop working and present an error code for troubleshooting. The 930 also offers a dual frequency ultrasound that comes standard with a 5cm2 applicator.
Ultrasound can be performed by itself or in combination with Medium Frequency. Adding the patented Direct crystal-to-patient contact and universal applicator cable makes the 930 an outstanding unit for combination therapy.

FAQs for the Sonicator Plus 930 Combination Therapy Machine

Q: Is the 930 a good unit to start a practice with?
A: Yes. The 930 is affordable, easy to use and offers the basics in stimulation and ultrasound.

Q: Can I treat one patient with stimulation and one patient with ultrasound at the same time?
A: Yes. The 930 offers 3 independent timers so you can treat 3 patients at the same time.

Q: How many patients can I treat at the same time with the 930?
A: You can treat up to 3 patients at the same time or 3 treatment areas at the same time.

Q: Can I do combination therapy with the 930?
A: Yes. The 930 allows you to provide stimulation by itself, ultrasound by itself or stim and ultrasound together in combination therapy.

Q: Can I purchase different applicators for the 930?
A: Yes. The 930 will accept two other applicators. The 1cm2( #7331) and the 10cm2( #7310) applicators will both work on the 930.

Q: What kind of electrodes will work best with the 930?
A: The higher the quality of the electrode, the better the treatment. We recommend using either the Mettler EZ Trode or the Mettler V-trode product line.