Mediball Adjustable Rebounder w/ Rack

Mediball Adjustable Rebounder w/ Rack


Mediball Adjustable Rebounder w/ Rack

The Importance of a Medicine Ball Training Partner Medicine ball training involves many different throwing and catching exercises, and most of these exercises require you to have a training partner. Interaction with a training partner is also what helps make medicine ball training so fun. When a human training partner isn't available, MediBall's Adjustable Angle Rebounder is a great stand in. This heavy-duty pitchback is built just like a high-quality trampoline. It fires even the largest MediBalls right back to you, at the same velocity that they were thrown.

The MediBall Rebounder is even better than a human training partner for certain exercises. For example, its quick response makes it possible to do close-proximity, high-speed push pass drills. You can also do ball dribbling drills with the Rebounder surface locked in its horizontal position, or you can perform high-repetition throwing ab crunches with its surface in a steeply inclined position.

The MediBall Rebounder easily adjusts to ten different positions. Its sleek steel frame is powder coated for lasting durability, and includes an integral ball rack, which stores a complete set of MediBalls. It works well on any floor that has either a hard surface or low-pile carpeting.

Warning: The MediBall Rebounder is designed for use with MediBall brand medicine balls. Many other brands of medicine balls are not be as round, and can return from the Rebounder's surface at unpredictable angles.