Lightforce Therapy Laser XPi 25w


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Ideal for: The busiest practices treating the most challenging cases.



No need to memorize which treatment heads can be used at which wattage. The LightForce® built-in protocols recommend which treatment heads are acceptable or not recommended for different power levels.



User convenience and durability are brilliantly coupled in the new premium, extra-long fiber. The quick-disconnect heads make it easy to change out treatment heads and sense which head is in use.


The new 40W LightForce® XLi with Empower IQ™ Delivery System combines power and intelligence to bring innovation to the laser therapy treatment room. Designed for busiest practices who desire the fastest, most effective treatment solution, the LightForce® XLi brings science and technology together to make treatments more efficient.


The 40W LightForce® XLi is our most powerful laser ever. The increased power directly impacts the time needed to apply a therapeutic dose of light energy, allowing clinicians to decrease the time required to treat effectively. The higher power equips clinicians to treat deeper and faster while covering more tissue area with the new XL Treatment Cone.


The new Empower IQ™ Delivery System changes the game in laser therapy emission. Built to be user friendly and responsive, Empower IQ™ is the new generation of delivery technology.


Smarter Than Your Average Laser. The LightForce® 25W XPi provides customized treatments and consistent results. The LightForce® intelligent hand piece and onscreen recommendations increase dosing accuracy and help technicians treat with confidence.

  1. Updated 25W Protocols
  2. NEW Empower IQ™ Delivery System
  3. influence® Technology
  4. Enhanced Fiber
  5. High Definition Touch Screen Interface
  6. Perfect Protocol Software
  7. Instant Replay Your Favorite Protocols
  8. Comprehensive 2-year Warranty
  9. Comprehensive Training Resources including Onsite Installation Training
  10. 0.5 – 25 Watts of Therapeutic Power


Our NEW Empower IQ™ Delivery System provides on screen and in hand recommendations to increase the accuracy of treatments.

  1. Smart Hand Piece that provides guidance based on treatment head selection and treatment pacing.
  2. On screen recommendations for delivery heads including best options, acceptable options, and not recommend for use for specific conditions treated.
  3. Treating larger areas faster allows technicians to treat primary and secondary factors of pain.
  4. Quick release attachments provides for ease in changing treatment heads (5 multipurpose heads).
  5. Easy to use finger switch operation.
  6. On Contact and Non-contact delivery heads.
  7. Ultra-durable, extra long fiber optic cable with built-in winder for simple storage between uses.


influence® Technology harnesses software and hardware advancements to enhance treatment applications.

Customized Take into account patient-specific considerations to deliver the most appropriate treatments. Customize your treatments based on condition, skin type, body type, and acuity.

Consistent Deliver the same effective treatment every time. Easily save and repeat treatments with confidence.

On-Contact Treat like no other therapy laser can with patented contact-application technology. Benefits of on-contact laser therapy treatments:

  1. Compression, reach targeted tissue by removing superficial absorbers
  2. Collimation, tighter beam minimizes energy loss
  3. Reflection, significantly reduced in contact mode
  4. Soft Tissue, manually work tissue while delivering energy
  5. Refractive Index, minimize light loss due to similar index of skin and lens composition


 Laser Type: Class IV, Solid State
 Laser Wavelength: 980/810 nm
 Laser Power: 0.5W – 25W
 Operating Modes: CW or Pulsed
 Aiming Beam: 650 nm, <4.0 mW
 Dimensions: 17” x 10.5" x 11” | 43 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm
 Weight: 19.6 lbs. | 8.9 kg