In Motion Pro Underarm Crutches

In Motion Pro Underarm Crutches

Millenial Medical

Replaces the DonJoy Rebound crutches with better technology. The New In Motion Pro crutches are designed to reduce impact on the wrist and underarm and improve patient comfort. These crutches allow the user to stand upright and not hunched over which reduces the risk of back problems, nerve damage or carpel tunnel syndrome. Complete with folding capability, users can take their crutches anywhere and can store them in smaller areas. DonJoy Rebound crutch has been discontinued.


  • Color - Gray/Charcoal
  • Weight 6.5lb

Size Guide

  • Short (MWD6000) Floor to Underarm Cradle - 42.5” to 50.5” with 9 positions
  • Tall (MWD6500) Floor to Underarm Cradle - 50” to 62.5” with 13 positions

*In-Motion Pro Crutches are usually the most comfortable when placed snug to 1” below the underarm, creating a slight bend in the elbow and allowing the user to stand up straight.

This item is non-returnable due to its medical nature.