Ideal Plyometrics Adjustable Square Rebounder

Ideal Medical Products

This 7-position, quick-change, standard-duty Ideal Plyometrics Adjustable Square Rebounder - features new styling with rounded edges. The easy-reach rebound ball shelf comes in handy during use, as does the 275 lb. weight capacity of this rebounder. With no clamps or screws, the 7-angle-position ball rebound platform makes for a tireless throwing partner and a fantastic (and stable) jogging, agility and balance stand. The Mini Rebounder is great to use for controlled power training, whether it's angled or flat.


  • Offers a level position for jogging and balance exercises as well as 6 additional angles
  • The 14-gauge welded steel gusseted frame is sturdy enough to handle your toughest exercises
  • White powder-coated finish is shiny and sleek-looking
  • Size: 59" x 45" x 41"
  • Made in the USA