HipTrac Hip Traction Device


HipTrac Hip Traction Device provides natural pain relief for hip osteoarthritis and is designed for independent patient use in clinic or at home.  It delivers the same long axis hip traction that a physical therapist, chiropractor or physician would do manually. It decompresses the hip joint and stretches the surrounding tissues.  That relieves the pain, relaxes the muscles, and restores mobility. 

HipTrac is a durable, portable and FDA-cleared medical device that provides long-axis hip traction that is easily and independently controlled by the patient.  Patients with hip pathology such as hip osteoarthritis, femoral-acetabular impingement, and acetabular labral tears use it to increase their mobility, decrease their pain and increase their exercise tolerance. Professional and elite athletes across many sports use it for recovery, relaxation and restoration following intense practice and competition, even when they have no hip pathology at all.  HipTrac has been issued two patents; U.S. Pat. No. 9,801,773 and U.S. Pat. No. 9,814,648.



  • One (1) year manufacturer's warranty


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