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  • AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace

    $69.95 $47.95

    AirCast Airlift PTTD Brace Anatomical Design Helps Realign & Support the Ankle - For the treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), or for early signs and symptoms of the adult acquired flat foot. Depending on the severity of the...

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  • AirCast A60 Stabilizing Ankle Support Provides prophylactic support, protection and comfort with simplified application. Great for Athletes looking to reduce the risk of Ankle sprain and Roll Over. The AirCast design incorporates a stabilizer molded at...

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  • Lace Up design and Figure Eight Straps provide dual support for enhanced Ankle stability

    Stabilized Ankle Support

    $39.95 $25.99

    ProCare Stabilized Ankle Support Brace Low profile design constructed with non-stretch nylon for comfort, performance and durability. The Lace-up design and Figure 8 strapping locks the calcaneus (heel) into place & controls inversion/eversion...

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  • AirCast Ankle Cryo/Cuff

    Cryo Cuff Ankle Wrap

    $79.95 $69.95

    AirCast Cryo/Cuff Ankle Wrap Anatomically designed to completely fit the ankle. Minimizes hemarthrosis, swelling and pain. Designed for use with the AirCast Gravity Cooler or AirCast Motorized IC Cooler. Features: Anatomic cuff design for...

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  • Front View

    Saunders S'port All Back Support w/Shorts The S’port All Back Support w/ Shorts supports the lower back and sacroiliac joints during vigorous activity. This is made possible by an innovative design that anchors the back support to an integrated...

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  • Reaction Shown with Under Sleeve

    Reaction Web Knee Brace

    $129.95 $69.95

    DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Brace Know Pain? Know Gain. Get fast relief with a unique, elastomeric web that actually pulls pain away from your knee. An Active Brace for Patients looking to maintain an Active lifestyle. The REACTION WEB is a...

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  • Web Knee Under Sleeve

    DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Under Sleeve The Reaction Web Knee Under Sleeve is designed for use with your Reaction Web Knee Brace. This item can be worn by itself when only a very moderate degree of compression or support is required. The Web Knee...

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  • Velocity Ankle Brace ES

    $99.95 $84.95

    DonJoy Velocity Hinged Ankle Brace ES {Extra Support} An evolution in DonJoy ankle brace technology, utilizing several new, proprietary design features, resulting in a new level of ankle brace performance and providing the foundation for successful...

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  • ComfortFORM Back Brace

    $49.95 $29.95

    ComfortFORM Back Brace Low profile durable elastic construction and molded lumbar compression pad provide comfortable support for the sacrolumbar region of the spine. Overlapping double pull straps help support the lumbar and abdominal area to promote...

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  • Our Tour Quick-Lace Sport Ankle Brace is designed for the patient with an active lifestyle who doesn't want to be left on the side lines due to Ankle Instability Product Highlights: Low-profile design, easy to wear and allows use in any type of...

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  • Shown with Under sleeve

    DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace KNOW PAIN? KNOW GAIN.The OA REACTION WEB is the lowest profile knee brace on the market to treat early or mild OA. The patented silicone web technology provides a custom fit that won’t slip; it’s so...

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  • RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5' ROCKTAPE is a high quality kinesiology tape that features a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than other kinesiology tapes. The aim of the tighter weave of the tape is that it is meant to...

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  • DonJoy Deluxe Elbow Guard

    DonJoy Hinged Elbow Guard

    $199.95 $149.95

    DonJoy Hinged Elbow Guard Lightweight soft brace that provides rigid elbow protection. Designed by medical professionals with your needs in mind. Enhances elbow stability for the mild to moderate medial/lateral and hyperextension injuries...

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  • Features of the Procare ACTION Knee Brace: Unique hinge-cap design uses pins for flexion and extension stops.

    ACTION Hinged Knee Wrap The Action Sleeve knee brace by ProCare is available in black 1/8" neoprene only. Front opening for easy on/off and custom fitting. Dual axis motion control hinges provide convenient dial-in adjustments with flexion/extension...

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  • Armor Action Knee Brace

    $795.95 $490.95

    DonJoy Armor Action Knee Brace Delivers an indestructible shield of proven protection and uncompromised strength giving athletes the confidence to go all out, guaranteed. Indestructible Protection! Athletes involved with contact and extreme sports...

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  • Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace Offers more stability than soft ankle supports, and is perfect for transitioning out of a walker boot. Application is simple and reduces plantar flexion, making it ideal for patients with limited range of motion. The...