Fabric Loop Resistance Bands 3 Piece Set


Challenge Yourself with 3 levels of Resistance - Heavy, Medium, and Light.


  • No Rolling or Slipping: The thick fabric and the inner latex grip ensure that the bands will not roll or slip during ANY exercise.
  • Durable: Strong fabric is woven with unique stretch fibers to give you a wide range of motion. These Anti-slip with inner layer bands will never snap. Latex Wire, Polyester, Double Side Stitching, Inline Latex
  • Comfortable: The fabric is soft yet sturdy. It will not dig in or pinch your skin. Fabric Thickness is 40mm.

What's included:

  • 3 color coded fabric loop resistance bands. Challenge yourself with heavy, medium, and light resistance. Bands are the same size (40mm) – the resistance comes from different elasticity within the fabric. This means they provide resistance with a full range of motion.
  • Portable black case to store your bands together.
  • Training guide to get you started.



 Color      Resistance    
   Pastel Green     Light   30-40 lbs 
 Blush Pink Medium   50-60 lbs 
 Purple Heavy   70-80 lbs 


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