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Evergreen LSO 631 Back Brace


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The Aspen Evergreen LSO LoPro provides immediate pain relief and comfortable support. When tightened using the LeverLatch™ mechanism, the brace firmly and evenly compresses the torso. This enables patients to regain a significant degree of functional mobility and, in many cases, return to routine activities of daily living.The patented three-piece design, featuring symmetrical side panels, allows the practitioner to configure the orthosis so it can be tightened using either hand. The cotton-lined, breathable replacement pads and CushionFlex Tab™ edges, allow the Aspen® LSO to comfortably "hug" the torso and can be easily worn under loose clothing.

Independent Compression: With a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage, independent drawstrings tighten the upper and lower sections on the lower back offering direct compression for relief of low back pain.

Comfortable Pull Tabs: The large pull tabs are easy to locate, grab, and pull


Materials: Breathable mesh fabric adds comfort for long-term wear. Evergreen™ products may be worn next to the skin or over clothing.


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