Dynatron Replacement Lead Wires - T Type Connector

$24.95 - $46.95

Dynatron Lead Wires compatible with Dynatronics equipment that use the T Type connector plug (non-conductive tip) on one end. The other end has two gold plated .08” pins offering superb conductivity. These wires are a direct replacement for the original equipment Dynatronics wires. It is advised that lead wires be replaced every 6 months because of the high voltage transmitted across them. Replace lead wires if your unit is “shocking” patients (spikes in output), unit is terminating mid-treatment, or if there is no output at all. Lead wires sold individually by color or as a set. Wire color may be white or beige.

Solaris Plus- T Lead Wires with Shrouded Lead Connectors for the Solaris Plus (D715T, D716T, D717, D718T and D719T) and 25 Series (D525T, D625T, D825T, D925T).  Compatible with Dynatronics Plus-T units with ST serial numbers.


Available in Red or Black Length 96"