DonJoy UltraSling III

DonJoy UltraSling III

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  • NEW! Moisture wicking mesh fabric for greater comfort, particularly in longer term use
  • Helps prevent post-operative internal rotation contractures
  • Promotes auxiliary air exchange to reduce risk of secondary infections and prevents internal rotation contractures
  • Easy-open front panel encourages forearm exercises
  • Allows arm to be positioned in a variety of positions dependent on post-operative requirements (either more posterior or anterior)
  • Quick release buckles make it easy to take on and off for exercise/therapy

Provides effective immobilization for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, Bankhart repairs, glenohumeral dislocations/subluxation and soft tissue repairs/strains. The De-Rotation Strap hooks to the UltraSling III and prevents internal rotation by securely holding the patients arm in neutral position. The UltraSling III AB encourages effective healing by allowing the shoulder and arm to remain in a more abducted position.The AB version comes with a large comfortable pillow that gives greater abduction where required (45° to 60°).

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11-0449-x UltraSling III S - XL
11-0450-x UltraSling III AB S - XL

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