Deluxe BodyIce Cold Packs

$18.99 - $30.99

Available in 3 popular sizes, the Deluxe BodyIce Cold Packs features a polyurethane rubber exterior for extra durability. These packs are ideal for cold therapy needs and have been re-designed to reduce leakage with a better seal. These cold packs are flexible and can be molded to the body. These won't freeze solid and will provide up to 30 minutes of cold therapy treatment. Use for relief of pain from swelling, muscle soreness, sprains, and bruises.

Warning: Do not apply directly to skin, use a terry cloth in between.


  • 1 year


  • Deluxe BodyIce Cervical:  22 in (L)
  • Deluxe BodyIce Oversize: 13 in x 19 in
  • Deluxe BodyIce Standard: 11 in x 14 in