Cold Rush Knee Wrap


When used with the Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System, the Ossur Cold Rush Knee Wrap is designed to deliver continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, back or hand. The unique, unbroken loop covering on the top portion of our Cold Rush Pads allows for use without foam wraps. Simply use the elastic straps to secure the Cold Rush pad in place. The patient can utilize the pad under post-operative bracing systems.

Ossur Cold Rush Knee Wrap Indications:

Use for cold therapy pain relief, as needed.

Part #/Description:

  • B-232000010 - Cold Rush cold therapy unit
  • B-232002000 - Cold Rush knee pad
  • B-232602100 - Cold Rush hip pad, left
  • B-232502100 - Cold Rush hip pad, right
  • B-232002202 - Cold Rush shoulder pad, small
  • B-232002204 - Cold Rush shoulder pad, large
  • B-232002300 - Cold Rush universal pad
  • B-232002402 - Cold Rush rectangular pad, 5" x 10" (12.7cm x 25.4cm)
  • B-232002404 - Cold Rush lumbar pad, large
  • B-232002500 - Cold Rush foot & ankle pad



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