The Low-Down on New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Ortho Specialist on 6th Dec 2019

The Low-Down on New Year's Resolutions

Everything Your Need For Your New Year's Resolutions

 The end of the year is fast approaching which can only mean one thing: New Year’s resolutions. Now, these three little words seem to hold so much power over all of us, every single year. And every single December when we begin thinking about our New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year, we also reflect on the previous year’s resolutions. Some of us may feel accomplished, while some of us feel disappointment; that perhaps we did not do what we promised ourselves we would. However you feel at the end of the year, that is OK because either way we lived to see another year and another New Year’s resolution. 

     Now, it is no secret that often our New Year’s resolutions fall to the wayside after the first initial months of the year, and it is estimated that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail before the year is over. Obviously, life gets in the way and sometimes we are unable to completely commit to everything we promised ourselves. But perhaps the biggest reason when so many New Year’s resolutions fail is the simple fact that our resolutions are not goal-oriented and we often fall flat because of how broad we are thinking about our goals. We are focused so on the whole picture rather than the baby micro-pixels it takes to make up the whole picture. 

     Instead of saying “I would like to exercise more” say “I would like to run a 10k by June”; instead of saying “I want to lose weight” say “ I would like to lose 5 pounds by February”. By using this approach, you are more likely to maintain your ‘resolution’ and you will also find yourself more motivated throughout the year to keep going!

     Fortunately for you, Source Ortho specializes in helping you start and maintain all of your fitness goals. Our New Year’s resolution is to help you fulfill yours, and we are starting with small goals too! As you continue to read, you will learn about our go-to fitness equipment, self-care and recovery must-haves, as well as anything you need to stay stress-free, not just through the holiday season, but all year round! So sit back and let us show you how to make your resolutions/goals/dreams a reality.

Fitness Equipment:

     If you are not quite ready to go to the gym but want to begin your training, or would rather have your own ‘home gym’ to train in, then you are in luck. In fact, we have an entire website dedicated to exactly what you are looking for. Are you looking for resistance bands? We got ‘em. How about kettlebells? We have those, too! I bet you would never think we would sell stationary bikes. But guess what? We have an abundance of them! Anything you need to begin your fitness journey can be found on this website and if you have any questions we are also here to answer them!

     At Source Ortho, everything we do is for you, so your goals are our goals. Our number one priority is you, and we believe that should be yours, too! Through our Source Fitness website, you can access hundreds of specialized fitness equipment at your fingertips, which helps you keep your goals in-check and your mind worry-free about how you are going to achieve these goals.


     We understand that one of the biggest barriers between you and your New Year’s fitness goals is recovery (because it is one of ours, too). When you first begin any great exercise regimen, sore muscles are the bane of your existence and Source Ortho understands that. That is why we have carefully hand-selected all of our massagers, e-stim machines, cryotherapy therapy units, thermotherapy units and basically anything you can imagine that can assist you (and your muscles) in feeling the absolute best.

Massage in a Bottle

     One of our favorite recovery machines is the BodyPro percussive massager, which is the best of the best in tough-love muscle massage and overall muscle relaxation. It is quiet, lightweight, portable and anatomically designed with you in mind, for the best on-the-go massaging on those sore muscles. With four separate attachment heads (used for different targeted areas), a carrying case, and the power supply plug-in, it is a steal for the amount of comfort you receive after continued use. The BodyPro is our go-to for sore and tight muscles, and it will be yours, as well.

Chilling Me Softly

     If your muscles are feeling fatigued after intense workouts, both cryotherapy and thermotherapy might be the right option for you. Both cryotherapy and thermotherapy have been around for decades as the way to properly recover the muscles, but more recent advances in technology have taken cryo- and thermotherapy to the next level! Our go-to cryotherapy machine is the IceMan Classic3. It is the newest addition to the Source Ortho cold therapy family and it is one of the best in the business. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented recirculation technology, which takes the water that has been warmed by contact with the body and redeposits it back into the ice water, which is not only insanely cool science (no pun intended) but it also makes the Classic3 one of the best and reliable options for cryotherapy. Along with the machine itself, there are also a variety of cold pads that you can purchase, so even the sorest ‘problem areas’ can have relief. Cryotherapy is best for swelling, pain and inflammation.

Everybody’s Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot [Therapy]

The best way to stay active and healthy is to prevent injuries before they even happen! Thermotherapy is the best way to do this and our go-to thermotherapy unit is the Thermotech Digital Moist Heating Pad. This heating pad is easy to use and attracts any water from the humidity in the air to create moisture in the pad. The pad comes with automatic temperature control with four selections of heat (113, 130, 150, and 166 degrees Fahrenheit) so that you can adjust the temperature to the one that best suits your needs. To add to the ease of use, there is an automatic time control (15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes) so that you can pick the time and relax while the heating pad does everything else for you. This design is specifically the best for recovery due to the fact that moist heat offers deep muscle tissue stimulation for maximum relief and circulation. Thermotherapy is best for injury prevention, eliminating toxins, relaxing stiff muscles, and increasing oxygen flow to the muscles. The alternation of both cold therapy mixed with heat therapy is a proven way to soothe sore muscles and limit any inflammation that may be within muscles and joints.


     Exercise can put a lot of stress not only your body but also on your mind. Not only do we offer equipment for your exercise and your recovery, but we also stock only the best in CBD hemp-extract tinctures, soft-gel pills, vapes, balms and so much more! Recently, CBD oil has become all of the rage, and I am sure you are wondering “What exactly is CBD, and how can it help me?” which is the only normal response one has before using a new product. You might have questions on if it is legal, effective and safe to consume, as well.

     The short answer; yes, CBD is legal and safe to consume and is effective for your health, too.CBD is a derivative product from the hemp plant, which while it is a strain of Cannabis Sativa, it contains ZERO THC, making in non-psychoactive and legal to use. CBD has many health benefits, which may include pain relief, reduction of inflammation, reduction of anxiety and depression, and can improve brain and heart health. Additionally, the CBD that we have at Source CBD is 100% organically grown and Non-GMO so you know that you are getting the absolute best CBD products. We also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with your CBD products, we will make it right (but you will not because the products are amazing).

The Plan:

So now that we have given you all the tools for success, where do we go from here?

1. Think about your specific New Year’s goals

2. Write your goals down somewhere that you will see it every day

3. Talk openly about your goals; allow your friends and family to be supportive

4. Create a commitment plan specific to your goals (how you will achieve your goals, step

by step)

5. Keep a journal where you routinely document your progress

6. Recognize and celebrate your small successes (remember; without the small pixels, you

cannot have a whole picture)

7. Mistakes happen; learn from them and move forward

8. Always do what works best for you; you know your body and your plan the best

9. Let Source Ortho set you up with anything you might need to achieve your fitness goals

this year

Happy New Year from the Source Ortho team!