BackTone Biofeedback Posture Trainer

BackTone Biofeedback Posture Trainer


BackTone Biofeedback Posture Trainer

Designed by an Occupational Therapist and postural behaviour expert, the BackTone Posture Trainer uses biomechanical biofeedback to change your posture. Perfect for computer users, sports people and athletes, and anyone who wants to look good and feel great!. Wear BackTone over clothes for 20mins at a time, 2-3 times a day. Every time you slouch the BackTone beeps, and continues to beep until you straighten up.

BackTone works because it is designed to be worn as you go about your everyday activities, such as working at a computer, walking to work or doing the dishes. As soon as you are distracted by your task you will revert to your old habits of bad posture. The BackTone will beep, and you will automatically straighten up to turn off the beep. In this way BackTone changes your muscle memory, so your new desired posture is what feels normal.

BackTone is not a brace, it does not hold your muscles into position. Instead BackTone retrains your muscles, teaching them the habit of beautiful upright posture that people will notice!  


SMALL - For children and teenagers, or people with very slight frames (ladies size 6 - small 8). Please exercise caution when using with children under the age of 15. Supervision by parent or health practitioner is recommend. Please ensure to read and follow included instructions carefully. (special order)

MEDIUM - Fits most adults

LARGE - For larger or very tall adults. (special order)