Aircast XP Walker (Extra Pneumatic)

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Provides pneumatic support with AirCast full-shell protection and foam-filled air cells cushion the ankle for customized comfort and support. This walker brace support is effective in managing edema and fracture healing. This new design is made for a regular and X-wide width foot. Includes two socks and a hand bulb. 


  • Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
  • Severe ankle sprain (grade III)
  • Post-op immobilization


  • A semi-rigid shell to provide the protection formerly expected only from a cast
  • A rocker sole to reduce plantar pressures
  • Custom-inflated air cells to maintain total limb contact for stability
  • Pulsating, graduated compression to help reduce edema and promote callus formation


  • Multi-Aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression
  • Custom inflated air cells for individual fit and support
  • Lightweight design: rigid foot, flexible around the calf for strength, fit, and comfort
  • Full shell protection. Low profile for a natural gait
  • Sealed-air cushioned heel


Shoe Size (US Sizing)

  • Pediatric / 01P-P / Men: Up to 4 / Women: Up to 5
  • Small / 01P-S / Men: 4-7 / Women: 5-8
  • Medium / 01P-M / Men: 7-10 / Women: 8-11
  • Large / 01P-L / Men: 10-13 / Women: 11-15
  • X-Large / 01P-XL / Men: 13+ / Women: 15+
PDAC Assigned Code: L4360


Aircast walkers have a 6 month (longest in the industry)warranty